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How long can you stay in student accommodation?

Picking the right student accommodation can make or break your studying experience outside of the classroom. It's an essential question any student will mill over, with lots of options to consider. Do you wish to stay within your University halls or within private student accommodation? Would you prefer a flat for yourself or a house to share with friends or family? Do you need ensuite accommodation or prefer the most budget-friendly option? Would you rather be able to spend the holidays - summer and winter in particular - at your new student flat or end your tenancy before returning home?

Preston student accommodation covers a variety of options: You can stay within the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) halls of residence or rent your accommodation from one of the many private specialists. Brunel Court is an excellent, economical choice with many five-star reviews praising its cleanliness, helpful staff, great communal areas, and ease of setting up your tenancy contract. It's conveniently located by the main UCLan campuses as well as close to shops and restaurants. Most of all, Brunel Court offers two different tenancy lengths as well as some flexibility on move-in dates (depending on availability and your personal requirements being discussed in advance), allowing you to choose the option that suits your student life. At Brunel Court, we truly hope to help you select the best student accommodation in Preston for the duration of your studies.

Get it right, and you'll find your student life becoming easier, with good access to both study spaces and your town's social scene. Get it wrong, and you may well be paying too much for accommodation you don't fully use or find yourself in a setting that makes your commute a nightmare. With that being said, we don't want to scare you and there are lots of great options. Answering your most pressing questions with regards to the duration of your stay, costs, and holidays is a good idea and will help you plan ahead. Let's look at a few of the most important questions students have when looking into Preston student accommodation with regards to the length of their stay:

How long can you stay in student accommodation?

The first question depends on your chosen accommodation's contract length. An average length contract may be anywhere between 40 and 50 weeks, meaning it may or may not include most holidays. Holidays such as Christmas and Easter can generally be included, which has the benefit of being able to keep your room and your things there without the hassle of moving. With that being said, Christmas is also a time when most students generally return home, which means an empty room that will still need to be paid for.

At Brunel Court, we offer tenancy terms of either 44 or 51 weeks, giving you a little bit more time between terms, should you choose to stay. It's up to you to decide whether you'd rather spend only term time in your student accommodation or stay with us for most of your summer as well. Preston offers a variety of museums and beautiful walking and cycling paths through Miller and Avenham parks, as well as an active nightlife with plenty of popular bars and clubs. In other words, staying in Preston for the holidays is sure to offer lots of interesting local activities with fellow students and friends. Of course, a shorter stay would also mean savings on rental payments and the potential to see friends and family at home if they do not live locally. This is always a big question for international students especially, and one we are happy to help with should you need advice.

Whichever tenancy term you choose, however, you'll likely want to stay in student accommodation for at least your first year of university, if not for the entire duration of your studies. Staying for a minimum of a year allows you to mingle with other students and get to know your surroundings better, while our student accommodation also offers the added benefit of being all-inclusive on bills and internet and being cheaper than other private rental options.

Can you stay in student accommodation over summer?

The vast majority of students will return home during the summer holidays. Some, however, wish to have the option of staying in their accommodation year-round. Generally, this isn't a problem; private student accommodation, in particular, will always favour students paying to remain all year rather than missing out on rent. The same approach may raise questions in university-owned accommodation, however, where renovations or lack of summer staff may mean students need to switch to alternate accommodation if they wish to stay.

At Brunel Court, we welcome students to stay with us for the duration of their summer holidays. Preston offers plenty of attractions both during term time and quieter seasons and, while most students choose to travel to their families, many also remain and enjoy what the city has to offer. Our 51-week tenancy term is particularly suitable for students who wish to stay and study or spend time with their friends during the summer. Generally, Brunel Court accommodation allows for tenancy year-round, subject to availability, meaning you could even move in early and spend a portion of the summer getting to know your new surroundings.

On-site security, CCTV, and fire alarms mean your accommodation is incredibly safe so both you and your family can rest assured that staying in the summer is a secure choice, even while universities are closed for the holidays. During the day, we even have a maintenance and management team on site, while evenings and night-time offer full-time CCTV security. We also liaise regularly with the local fire brigade and hold welcome meetings to fill you in on our emergency procedures.

It's entirely up to you whether you choose to stay in your accommodation at Brunel Court for the summer or not. Either option is great, depending on your personal needs. Rest assured that summer accommodation is just as well-maintained as term-time-only rentals and you'll be well looked after.

Do you pay for student accommodation during holidays?

The short answer is yes. Student accommodation will still need to be paid for during the holidays, whether you choose to stay or not. Some student accommodation payments will be collected in line with term dates and student loan payments, while others may collect annual or monthly rent. All accommodation will charge for the time of your contract, however, whether you will be staying during holidays or not. To find out more about the exact payment terms of your particular accommodation, you may wish to speak to a student adviser or your private rental company.

At Brunel Court, we request regular post-dated cheques which we keep on your behalf and cash on the due date. Alternatively, you're welcome to arrange a direct debit or recurring credit or debit card payment. These payments are due for the duration of your tenancy, meaning all 44 or 51 weeks plus any additional weeks if you require moving in before your tenancy starts. The latter is subject to availability but is usually not a problem. Your contract is binding for the entire duration once signed unless you find a suitable successor, in which case it could be transferable. This goes for term time as well as holidays, meaning you're entitled to access to your accommodation for the entire duration of your tenancy but also to pay for it.

Another advantage of staying at Brunel Court is that your bills already cover power, heating and water charges, as well as free high-speed Wi-Fi internet. Your only additional payments may be insurance (should you wish to take out additional insurance over and above your parents' household insurance), parking if you have a car, and a TV License fee if you wish to use a television in your accommodation.

Whether you've already decided on studying in Preston or are still looking at different universities and their surrounding areas, we hope we've answered some of your most pressing questions. Preston offers excellent education and an active student life that suits most interests, whether you are an avid walker and exercise fan or enjoy partying into the wee hours of the night. Preston also caters to those seeking intellectual stimulation via museums, art galleries, and historic housing. It's truly a great place to be and at Brunel Court, we've ensured that you will be at the very heart of this great city, with easy access to everything, in particular with regard to the University of Central Lancashire.

Student accommodation does not have to be a tricky choice; whether you're looking to stay at Brunel Court for the first year of your studies only or for the duration of your University courses, the choice is yours. You can choose a tenancy of 44 or 51 weeks per year, spend the summer and winter holidays (or not), and even choose to start your stay early upon request. Your rental fees cover bills and internet and any holidays that fall under the duration of your stay, meaning the choice is truly yours.

If you are looking to study in Preston, why not consider locating within Brunel Court, which is located within close proximity to UCLan and offers all-inclusive rental covering bills and internet, safe and secure accommodation, and flexible tenancies ranging between 44 and 51 weeks. Have a look at our excellent reviews and feel free to contact our friendly team with any questions about your prospective stay. We're more than happy to help you decide on the accommodation and tenancy terms that suit you and your studies. Contact us today and let us help you plan for your stay.

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