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Your Questions Answered

Can I reserve a room for September 2025?

Not just yet, we always offer our current tenants 1st refusal to rebook thier rooms before we open bookings to the general public, this rebooking period runs from the 13th November until the 15th January 2026.

Can I register my interest for September 2025?

Not yet, please check back at the end of October 2024 for an update.

Do I Need A Guarantor ?

A UK based guarantor is required for tenancies, this is usually a parent or guardian. International students and those who cannot provide a UK based guarantor are unable to pay the rent in instalments and must pay in full upfront. If you are unable to pay upfront you may be able to use rent guarantor such as 

housing hand (opens in new window), they offer students a secured, reliable and insured Rent guarantor service.


Do I have to pay Council Tax? Students are not liable to pay council tax when in Full Time education but MUST PROVIDE STUDENTS EXEMPTION CERTIFICATES to Brunel Court, failing to do so will result in the student being responsible for council tax, this could mean getting a bill upto £3,000!!
The Tenant will pay all Council Tax levied or payable in respect of their accommodation unless a student Exemption Certificate is provided by the tenant for the whole of the term. 

How long is the tenancy for ?

At Brunel Court, our tenancies run for 44 or 51 weeks.


How do I pay my rent ?

We usually request post dated cheques, which we will hold on your behalf until the due date.
Alternatively a direct debit can be arranged or a recurring credit/debit card payment can be set up.


Can I live with my friends ?

Provided you advise us at the time of booking and we have availability, we will always try and
accommodate such request.


Do I need to pay a deposit ?

We require a holding deposit equivalent to one weeks rent to secure your room, this will be returned to you in the form of a deduction from your first rent instalment.


Can I Terminate My Contract After Signing It ?

No, the contract is binding, so you must be comfortable with it before you sign it. Notwithstanding
this, should you find a suitable successor for your room, we would be happy to assign the contract.
We will always help to try to find someone to take over your tenancy in these circumstances.


Are There Any Other Bills ?

No, your rent covers all power, heating and water charges.


Is Broadband Included In My Rent ?

Yes, ASK4 provide internet to Brunel Court , this includes FREE up to 100mb wired & Wifi, for more details of what's included see here.


Can I Move In Before My Tenancy Start Date?

This would depend on a number of factors, and would only be allowed if there is availability (this varies from year to year so please check your course start dates before booking your room). If you were allowed to move in early additional rent would be payable pro rata, based on how early you move in.


Do I Need A TV Licence ?

Yes, if you own a TV you would be responsible for obtaining and paying for a television license.
Further clarification is available from


Can I Park On Site ?

There is a limited number of parking spaces available on site at an additional cost. Should you need
a space, please book one when making your reservation.


Do I Need Insurance ?

Often students are covered by their parent’s household insurance. We would always advise on cover
being taken out independently, however, and great rates have been negotiated with the following
providers; or


Is There Security On Site ?

Yes during the day our management and maintenance team is on site and throughout the evening and
night there is full time security. The building is extensively covered by CCTV to further enhance


Is There A Fire Alarm ?

Yes there is a fire alarm and emergency lighting is fitted throughout the property and is tested
every week. Fire drills are undertaken at the start of the year and we liaise closely with the local
fire brigade to hold welcome meetings to discuss fire safety and emergency procedure with our


How do I get post ?

We have dedicated mail boxes for you at reception and reception staff are happy to accept parcels for
you. Collections can be made for you during the working day.


Does my flat get cleaned ?

No, you are responsible for the cleaning of your own room and tenants who share living rooms/kitchens & bathrooms are jointly responsible for keeping these areas clean. Our cleaners clean corridors,
stairs, common areas, gym etc.


Is Bedding Supplied ?

No. Normally – students usually bring their own. This is something we can assist with if help is
needed however.


Is There Any Curfew ?

No – you can come in whenever you wish.


Anything Else ?

We hope this is a fairly exhaustive list, but should you have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in
touch via the chat bubble at the bottom of the page.

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