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Eating Out


You are never short of choice for a place to eat in Preston, it's full of well-known and independent restaurants with a range of traditional and international menus to suit every taste. You will find many places in the centre but do not forget to venture down Preston’s many side streets to find independent steakhouses and restaurants tucked away.
Preston is home to many recognisable favourites including ‘Prezzo’, ‘Turtle Bay’, ‘Pizza Express’ & ‘Starbucks’. Preston is a city which celebrates diversity and that is reflected by the broad range of international independent eateries that the city has to offer.
From experiencing the chic, Greek, industrial feel of the ‘Olive Tree Brasserie’ in the heart of the city to watching the sun set into the trees as you sit in the conservatory of ‘The Italian Orchard’, Preston is a place offering a real global flavour. There are a huge range of brasseries, bistros, takeaways and tapas bars to ensure you have plenty of varied dining experiences to sink your teeth into.

Looking for something less formal? ‘Roast’ provides quick and tasty breakfast, chicken, burgers and wraps, all from locally sourced ingredients. The Middle Eastern inspired eateries of ‘Coco’s Soul Food’, ‘3 Monkeys’ or ‘Jaffa’s’ provide Middle Eastern and Halal alternatives that are ideal for when you need a quick, flavoursome lunchtime meal between lectures. ‘We don’t give a fork’ is a laid-back, counter-serve stop for hearty, locally sourced hamburgers. They say that even their cows are so local they have a Preston accent!

For anyone with a sweet tooth, Preston has something to please everyone. ‘Kaspas’ put an emphasis is on high quality desserts, good customer service and an overall amazing dining experience for customers.

Preston has a thriving café culture with its numerous modern and vintage teashops and coffee houses. Whether you need to sit with your laptop to complete an assignment in peaceful surroundings or catch up with friends, there is a café for you. Local teashops like ‘The Town house’, ‘Cafuné’ and ‘the Mystery Tea House’ provide independent and intimate café settings for you to unwind, with ‘the Mystery Teahouse’ offering some of the most eclectic choices of teas from around the world!

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