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10 Places you may not know about in Preston (but should definitely try!)

Moving to a new city is always exiting but can be a little bit scary too. It is always a good idea to get a feel of what you have around you, and I do recommend you take the time to venture into town to see what Preston has to offer.

With that in mind, some places can be missed. Be that because they may be hidden down a side street or just a few minutes out of the way, these 10 places offer great shopping, fun activities, and something a little bit outside of the norm.

This is not the whole list though! Make sure you keep your eyes and ears peeled for great adventure ideas and make the most out of your time here!

(Side note - Hopefully once September hits us Covid restrictions will be a thing of the past, but please be aware that some services normally provided by the following places may be limited.)

1. Preston Market, Earl Street, Preston, Lancashire, PR1 2PT

(8-minute walk from Brunel Court)

Now you are probably already aware that the market exists, but unless you are making your way towards the bus station you may never venture in that direction. WHICH WOULD BE A HUGE SHAME because it has so many lovely little stalls to peruse. There are fresh food stalls, and something for most pallets from meats and fish to vegetables, dairy and desserts. There are also jewellery stores, hair and makeup, and phones, accessories, and repair services!

There are cafes and hot food options to eat in or take away, and a real ale and cocktail bar.

There are a few shops located within refurbished shipping containers, including real ales, pet supplies, vintage accessories and watch repairs.

The market also has an outdoor market four times a week - Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The car boot and flea market are open for bargain hunters twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

2. The Preston Playhouse, Market St W, Preston PR1 2HB (5-minute walk from Brunel Court)

The Preston Playhouse is an amazing small venue used by several groups and offers a terrific experience at reasonable prices. It is the home of amateur dramatics, and a variety of different shows means there should be something to suit all theatre goers. They also offer both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options so if you’re not looking for a heavy night there's still something to enjoy!

3. That Comic Book Shop,116 Friargate, Preston PR1 2EE (4-minute walk from Brunel Court)

That comic book shop is a little family run shop who sell a variety of merchandise from comics to trading cards.

DC, Marvel, Dr Who and Magic the gathering fans are sure to find something they will love and may make a few new friends along the way.

4. Warhammer, 46 Lune St, Preston PR1 2NN (5-minute walk from Brunel Court)

Warhammer is another great shop which caters to the geek in all of us – From painting miniatures to collecting novels, saving the world, or using magic to defeat your enemies. Collect, build and paint your army to challenge your friends for control of the realms of magic in the Age of Sigmar, or take part in a galaxy-spanning conflict with Warhammer 40K.

5. Hollywood Exports Vintage Clothing, Unit 5 Fox St, Preston PR1 2AB

(4-minute walk from Brunel Court)

There are loads of amazing charity shops around Preston, such as Bernardo’s, Emmaus, and The British heart foundation, but these places don’t always have something that really pops.

Hollywood Exports vintage clothing store focuses on a retro theme and is a great little store with friendly staff. It is a great alternative place to find something unique.

6. Action Records, 46 Church St, Preston PR1 3DH (14-minute walk from Brunel Court)

Action records is an amazing store for music lovers. Whether you buy CDs or vinyl’s, chances are you will find your next favourite artist there. They even have limited editions and special offers including quantity on Record Store Day releases.

7. True Colours tattoo parlour, 14 Guildhall St, Preston PR1 3NU

(10-minute walk from Brunel Court)

True colours truly care about what they do, and strive to give you a memorable experience, and a fantastic tattoo. The team works closely with clients to ensure they produce the highest quality, award winning, custom tattoos.

Their experience is clear and with a team as dedicated as these, in their own words “your experience is one as memorable as the ink in your skin”.

8. Preston Massage retreat,1 Avenham Rd, Preston PR1 3TH

(11-minute walk from Brunel Court)

Preston massage retreat is a place to really lose yourself and take a breather from the stresses of everyday. They offer massages, hot stone therapies, and even crystal healing to really help you recover both physically and mentally when you just need to recharge.

9. The Tea House, 23 Cannon St, Preston PR1 3NR (11-minute walk from Brunel Court)

The Tea House (previously called

The Mystery Tea House) provides an independent and intimate café setting for you to unwind and offers some of the most eclectic choices of teas from around the world! It is a lovely quiet place to relax and unwind after a day of shopping.

10. WILD DISCOVERY, Ribby Hall Village, Ribby Rd, Wrea Green, Preston PR4 2PR

(20-minute drive from Brunel Court)

For those who want to explore a little further outside the city centre, Preston has a lovely little zoo! WILD DISCOVERY has a variety of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish, as well as scheduled animal talks and shows. Their main hope is to inspire people of all ages to help conserve and protect the environment and the animal kingdom and is a great alternative day trip idea when you need a break from the beer gardens.

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